Oral Health & Preventive Dentistry



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Issue 2/2007     31. May 2007
31. May 2007
Pages: 83 - 159

Page 83-88, doi:10.3290/j.ohpd.a12297, PubMed:17722432
Assessment Criteria for Compliance with Oral Hygiene: Application of ROC Analysis
Htoon, Hla Myint / Peng, Lim Lum / Huak, Chan Yiong
Page 89-94, doi:10.3290/j.ohpd.a12298, PubMed:17722433
Effect of Tongue Cleansing on Morning Oral Malodour in Periodontally Healthy Individuals
Haas, Alex Nogueira / Silveira, Élcia Maria Varize / Kuchenbecker Rösing, Cassiano
Page 95-100, doi:10.3290/j.ohpd.a12299, PubMed:17722434
An Assessment of Oral Self-Care among Romanian Dental Students using the Hiroshima University - Dental Behavioural Inventory
Dumitrescu, A. L. / Kawamura, M. / Sasahara, H.
Page 101-104, doi:10.3290/j.ohpd.a12300, PubMed:17722435
Health Control Beliefs and Quality of Life Considerations Before and During Periodontal Treatment
Bajwa, A. / Watts, T. L. P. / Newton, J. T.
Page 105-112, doi:10.3290/j.ohpd.a12301, PubMed:17722436
Periodontal Conditions in a Swedish City Population of Adolescents: A Comparison Between Smokers and Never-Smokers
Romao, Cristina / Wennström, Jan L.
Page 113-118, doi:10.3290/j.ohpd.a12302, PubMed:17722437
Marginal Bone Loss Over 5 Years in an Adult Danish Population
Bahrami, Golnosh / Vaeth, Michael / Isidor, Flemming / Wenzel, Ann
Page 119-124, doi:10.3290/j.ohpd.a12303, PubMed:17722438
Use of the Limits of Agreement Approach in Periodontology
Bassani, Diego Garcia / Miranda, Letícia Algarves / Gustafsson, Anders
Page 131-135, doi:10.3290/j.ohpd.a12305, PubMed:17722440
Thresholds of Restorative Decision in Dental Caries Treatment among Dentists from Small Brazilian Cities
Traebert, Jefferson / Wesoloski, Cláudia Irene / de Lacerda, Josimari Telino / Marcenes, Wagner
Page 137-144, doi:10.3290/j.ohpd.a12306, PubMed:17722441
Comparison of Epidemiological Evaluations under Different Caries Diagnostic Thresholds
Kassawara, Ariana Bellotto Correa / Assaf, Andréa Videira / Meneghim, Marcelo de Castro / Pereira, Antonio Carlos / Topping, Gail / Levin, Katy / Ambrosano, Gláucia Maria Bovi
Page 145-152, doi:10.3290/j.ohpd.a12307, PubMed:17722442
Fluoride Interventions for Root Caries: A Review
Heijnsbroek, M. / Paraskevas, S. / Van der Weijden, G. A.
Page 153-159, doi:10.3290/j.ohpd.a12308, PubMed:17722443
Odontogenic Infection Sources in Patients Scheduled for Cardiac Valve Replacement
Krennmair, Gerald / Auer, Johann / Krainhöfner, Martin / Piehslinger, Eva