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Oral Health Prev Dent 16 (2018), No. 1     23. Feb. 2018
Oral Health Prev Dent 15 (2017), No. 1  (23.02.2017)

Page 79-87, doi:10.3290/j.ohpd.a37717, PubMed:28232978

Influence of Shortened Light-curing Duration on the Potential of Resin-based Surface Sealants to Prevent Erosion
Wegehaupt, Florian / Jorge, Fabiana / Attin, Thomas / Tauböck, Tobias
Purpose: To determine whether reducing the light-curing time of resin-based surface sealants influences their potential to prevent erosion, as well as their mechanical stability and degree of conversion.
Materials and Methods: 240 bovine dentin samples were randomly divided into 10 groups (1-10). The 24 samples of one group remained unsealed and served as control. Three groups were sealed with Seal&Protect, another three groups with K-0184 (experimental sealant), and the remaining three groups with Syntac Classic. One group of each sealant was light cured for 10 s, another group of that sealant for 5 s, and the last group of the respective sealant for 2 s at 1014 mW/cm2. After 7-day water storage, the first measurement of sealant permeability was performed. The samples were stored in hydrochloric acid (pH 2.3) for 24 h and the dentin calcium release was measured by atomic absorption spectroscopy. Following thermomechanical loading (5000 cycles, 5°/50°C, 12,000 brushing strokes), the second measurement of sealant permeability was performed. Additionally, the sealants' degrees of conversion (DC) were determined by FTIR spectroscopy.
Results: For the first and second measurements, no significant difference in the permeability of the sealants was observed when the light-curing duration was shortened. Additionally, no significant difference in the stability of the respective sealants was observed when light cured for different durations. Regarding DC, a significant influence of the light-curing duration was observed (p = 0.000).
Conclusion: Shortening the light-curing time has no influence on permeability and stability of the investigated sealants. However, short light-curing times (2 s or 5 s) decrease the DC of the tested sealants.

Keywords: degree of conversion, dentin, erosion, light-curing time, surface sealant
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