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Oral Health Prev Dent 12 (2014), No. 2     3. June 2014
Oral Health Prev Dent 12 (2014), No. 2  (03.06.2014)

Page 183-189, doi:10.3290/j.ohpd.a31665, PubMed:24624391

Perception Regarding Factors Related To Periodontal Therapy Among General Dental Practitioners of Belgaum City - A Questionnaire Survey
Halemani, Shweta / Sanikop, Sheetal / Patil, Suvarna / Jalli, Vishwanath
Purpose: To assess the perception regarding periodontists and periodontal therapy among general dental practitioners (GDPs) of Belgaum city.
Materials and Methods: A questionnaire study was conducted among 120 GDPs of Belgaum city comprising 13 closed-ended questions. The questions addressed the following variables: demographics of the dentist, service as GDP, periodontal services provided by the GDP and periodontal services referred to the periodontists.
Results: One hundred GDPs responded to the survey. 83% had specialists visit their practice and 78% felt the need for having a consultant periodontist attached to their practice. The procedures performed by the general dental practitioners were as follows: scaling (100%), scaling and root planing (78%), splinting (61%), gingivectomy (47%), ap surgery (24%), frenectomy (33%), crown lengthening (23%), root coverage procedures (12%), bone grafts (8%) and implants (8%). The procedures for which GDPs preferred the service of periodontists include bone grafts (87%), ap surgery (80%), root coverage procedures (77%), crown lengthening (63%) and others. 90% agreed that expertise is required for performing surgical periodontal procedures. 86% agreed that periodontists are competent to treat periodontal diseases. 38% to 55% noticed failures in periodontal procedures even after making use of a periodontist's service. 72% did not provide implant care in their clinic. 84% felt the role of periodontists was limited to post placement maintenance.
Conclusion: A variety of periodontal services were offered by GDPs. The most common services were non-surgical in nature.

Keywords: general dental practitioners (GDPs), periodontists, questionnaire survey
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